Supersum ‘O Canada’ turns out to be a huge Facebook hit, also overseas!

(Text: Hans-Jorg van Broekhoven, photo: De Vierschaar)

BRABANTSE WAL – The success of Vierschaar theater production Supersum is not over yet. The video recording of the last scene posted on Facebook on Monday evening, in which the players and ensemble sing the Canadian national anthem, actually explodes on the internet. From 17 to 27 October, the performance about the Canadian liberation in 1944 was staged numerous times at the Waterschans near Bergen-Op-Zoom.

Last weekend, many Canadian visitors to the celebrations and commemorations in our municipality watched the show at De Vierschaar at De Waterschans. From previous reactions it soon became clear that they were very impressed with the production. Many complimented the organization, both after the performance on site and later via social media. Certainly the sung Canadian national anthem 'O Canada' caused a lot of emotions. Also with the people of Bergen by the way.

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Number of viewers continues to rise

A video registration of this scene appeared on De Vierschaar's Facebook page on Monday evening. It was picked up by a huge number of people during the course of the evening and the following day. "The number of views now stands at 16,800 and that continues to rise," says Vierschaar spokesperson Henk at the beginning of Tuesday evening. "A lot of visitors to the show watch and react, but also in Canada people watch. And we continue to receive compliments." A very special one is this, below, from a Canadian veteran who himself works as a technician in the film and theater world. The whole Supersum team could not have wished for a better icing on the cake.